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13 Amp Socket Outlets

Browse the selection of metal clad encased 13 amp socket outlets below to find the outlet fitting you need. Single or double outlets are available and you'll find sockets that can be turned off at the wall with separate switches for each power outlet.

Metal clad encased sockets allow you to add power outlets on walls that cannot be penetrated e.g. brick or block walls. Instead the sockets can be wired with cables running outside the wall. Each socket box comes with several knockouts or conduits to allow you to run the cable in from whatever direction required.

13 amp sockets serve to power most portable appliances, lamps and other domestic and commercial electrical items. These metal clad encased socket outlets are very strong, being made from high grade steel with an aluminium epoxy coating. Their strength means they�re suitable for use in commercial and industrial environments. We're so confident in the strength of these boxes that we've guaranteed them for 15 years.