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20 Amp DP Switches

20 amp DP switches may be used to isolate power to water heaters, lighting, white goods, radiators and any other circuit fused to 20 amps or less. Our metal clad encased 20 amp DP switches are ideal for installing switches on cabling running outside the wall. Each box has a series of 'knock outs' or 'conduits' i.e. 20 mm rounds that can be punched out on the desired side to run the wires in.

We manufacture all our switch boxes to British and European standards including BS1363. Each switch is thoroughly tested and comes with a 15 year guarantee. Made with high grade steel and an aluminium epoxy coating, you can have absolute confidence in their strength and durability.

You can find replacement steel boxes, metal clad cover plates and decorative cover plates in Grid Modules Switches and Plates.