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Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms

Miniature Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 9V

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Most people are aware of the danger of fire but are unaware of the fatality of smoke. More people die from breathing smoke than by burns. In a fire, smoke and deadly gases tend to spread farther and faster than heat from flames. Moreover, when people are asleep, deadly fumes can send them deeper into unconsciousness.

Smoke detectors are a powerful and effective fire safety technology. They are the fire lines of defence against smoke and fire. They may awaken those who would otherwise have been overcome by smoke and toxic gases in their sleep. Importantly, they provide an early warning alerting individuals of a fire, allowing them precious time to escape.

Manufactured to the latest British and European standards this range is not only stylish but also very durable and long lasting!

Specifications & Features

Miniature Smoke Alarm - Photoelectric Sensor for Slow Smoldering Fire

  • Easy Installation
  • 3 pcs Lithium button cell included (CR2450, 4-5 YEARS)
  • Low battery signal
  • Alarm test button
  • 85 db alarm signal
  • Complies with international Safety standards
  • High reliability
  • Miniature size

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