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Extension Sockets and Extension Leads

As we spend more and more time on our PCs or in front of our home entertainment systems our need to connect ancillary equipment keeps growing, and while your PC might have enough USB connectivity you will often find yourself hunting for extension leads to plug everything else into.

Look no further - at Penguin Supplies we have a huge selection of very affordable extension sockets and leads, from single rubber trailing sockets to eight-gang trailing sockets complete with neon power light. We are confident you will have more than enough outlets to power up everything you need, but take a moment to consider adding anti-surge protection to your more delicate equipment - our anti-spike extension leads start from just 6.79, incredible value for money when you think of the cost of replacing surge damaged electronics.

From meeting your power demands to saving energy when it is not required - we offer a range of extension leads that can be turned off by remote control or power themselves down when the equipment plugged into the master socket has been turned off. Perfect for powering down your surround sound or set top box when you turn off the TV, or for turning off your monitor, speakers and printer when you turn off your PC.

Do not mess about swapping plugs and moving extension sockets from one room to the next - with our low prices you can get extension leads for any room that needs them. Order now for fast delivery direct to your door, and upgrade to Next Working Day delivery if you cannot wait to get your power cable spaghetti taken care of!