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Surge Protected Extension Leads

If you use expensive electronic equipment like computers, printers, monitors and scanners either at home or at work it is important to ensure that they are protected in the event of a power surge.

Power surges are very brief but can cause considerable damage to electronic devices. The damage caused by a power surge could incur expensive costs for repairs or replacements and cause loss of important, valuable or sentimental data from your computer.

You can easily protect your electronic equipment from power surges by plugging them into surge protected extension leadsSurge protected extension leads prevent extra voltage caused by a power surge from travelling into your devices, instead it channels the extra voltage into the outlets grounding wire.

At Penguin Supplies we stock a range of high quality surge protected plug-in adaptors and extension leads. We supply extension leads in a variety of different sizes and lengths including small 4 gang 1 metre long leads and much larger 10 gang 10 metre leads.

All of our surge protected extension leads are manufactured to the latest British and European safety standards and have been 100% tested to ensure that they are safe and efficient.